The 41-year-old restaurant, Okinawa Advanced Restaurant, has both Ryukyu cuisine and dancing restaurants.

Kume Branch


久米店 MAP

Kokusai Street Branch



Kume Branch


久米店 MAP

久米店 予約

Kokusai Street Branch


国際通り店 MAP

国際通り店 予約

Meeting plan


YOTSUTAKE Corporate plan

Banquet, Four bamboo original for gathering

Even for local residents the heart of Ryukyu hospitality.

Exceptional hospitality with time with important people Please use various plans.

We have provided the following benefits only for reservations from the WEB site.
Please use it according to the number of guests used.

Bonus 1
Soft drink
1 cup free

(Number of people)

Bonus 2
1 soft drink
Sartar Andagi 1 piece

(When you book more than 10 people or more)

Bonus 3
1 soft drink
Sartar Andagi 1 piece
Sequencer sherbet 1 piece

(At the time of reservation more than 30 people
for the number of people)

※Only reservations on the web site are eligible for benefits.

Umiwakachi (thinking) meeting plan



You can use it for various large and small styles such as in-house parties and events, farewell reception meetings and various conferences. We also support a casual party in a buffet style. Please feel free to use it for entertainment and cooking as well.

●Usage / various conferences · General meetings · Regular meetings · Exhibitions · Presentation meetings · Rewards · Rewards Please use it in various styles. ●Plan contents/limited plan of 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 (responds to time consultation)

《Bonus 1》 Whiteboard · Microphone · Each AV equipment
(DVD, CD, MD, VHS, etc.)
《Bonus 2》 soft drink with the first cup
(e.g.)72 people × Mango juice 370 yen 72 persons minute 26,640 yen Free

《Other》projector + 200 inch screen (charged / 3,000 yen tax) “Venue usage fee” 15,000 yen (excluding tax)/1 hour * Additional charge for every 30 minutes (7,500 yen tax not included)

Affordable set plan


●Meeting & Lunch Set (Meal time: 90 minutes) ●Meeting & Dinner Set
After various meetings, you can use such as social gatherings.
※Customers who wish to see the Ryukyu dance can also see. Please contact us for your time. (Meal hours from 18 o’clock to 22 o’clock) ※We also have all you can drink ※You can bring drinks


Lunch Moai
More gorgeous, more elegant. Hospitality deepening friendship. Usage You can use it varied.

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