The 41-year-old restaurant, Okinawa Advanced Restaurant, has both Ryukyu cuisine and dancing restaurants.

Kume Branch


久米店 MAP

Kume Branch


久米店 MAP

久米店 予約

Celebratory Feast Menus


YOTSUTAKE celebratory feast menus

A happy place to go

A gift from affection and honor, with a blessing from my heart.

Exceptional hospitality with time with important people Please use various plans.

We have provided the following benefits only for reservations from the WEB site.
Please use it according to the number of guests used.

Bonus 1
Soft drink
1 cup free

(Number of people)

Bonus 2
1 soft drink
Sartar Andagi 1 piece

(When you book more than 10 people or more)

Bonus 3
1 soft drink
Sartar Andagi 1 piece
Sequencer sherbet 1 piece

(At the time of reservation more than 30 people
for the number of people)

※Only reservations on the web site are eligible for benefits.

Wedding reception / wedding party second party


Gorgeously gorgeous Ryukyu style reception
Kume Branch in elegant style and international street shop in modern space. Four bamboos, a style of hospitality that directs the entrance of the two to an impressive one. We will prepare a fine “two new stages of departure” according to your desires, such as the number of guests, course menu, party style, etc.

Birthday celebration (Tushby) · Betrothal gifts


In Okinawa there is a custom of “Tushibie / birthday celebration” celebrating “year of birth” as the year of the birthday that came round once in 12 years.

This is different from every year’s birthday, 13 years old (13th celebration) · · · 61 years old (60th birthday), 73 years old (Furuiki celebration), 85 years (85th celebration), 88 years old (Yonezu · Tokachi celebration), 95 years old (Kajimaya), and so on. Think of this birth year as a misery, drop the trouble, I wish for health and longevity.

In Yotsubetsu, we have prepared a special feast plan so that we can invite family, relatives, and many more to important milestones, to hold lively feasts. Please enjoy four important bamboo trees in your heart.

A beautiful traditional Japanese ancient tradition “Kanpai”.
We will prepare a concession plan unique to four bamboo according to your inquiries and hope.