The 41-year-old restaurant, Okinawa Advanced Restaurant, has both Ryukyu cuisine and dancing restaurants.

Kume Branch


久米店 MAP

Kume Branch


久米店 MAP

久米店 予約

YOTSUTAKE Kokusai Street Branch

Ryukyu dance



Ryukyu -Invitation to Music and Dance Entertainment

Watch in fine entertainment, Deep depth of entertainment culture.
  • 谷茶前

    ② Tanchame

  • 貫華

    ③ Nuchibana

  • 獅子舞

    ④ Shishimai

Kokusai Street Branch

Open from
11:00 to 22:00
Show Time for Ryukyu Performances :
Part 1: 18:30~

Part 2: 20:30~


① YOTSUTAKE A dancer wearing Hanagasa strikes four bamboos and dances, a classic female dance masterpiece

② Tanchame A male and female living in a fishing village has a wake (a paddle) and a birch (a bamboo), and is a musical dance to thank the blessings of the sea and dance.

③ Nuchibana It is a light popular dance that wears Ryukyu Kasuri, hanging red and white flower (garland) on the neck.

④ Shishimai Lion dance is performed as the first performance of the Honen Festival in each region in the lunar calendar August 15th.