The 41-year-old restaurant, Okinawa Advanced Restaurant, has both Ryukyu cuisine and dancing restaurants.

Kume Branch


久米店 MAP

Kokusai Street Branch



Kume Branch


久米店 MAP

久米店 予約

Kokusai Street Branch


国際通り店 MAP

国際通り店 予約



Exceptional hospitality with time with important people Please use various plans.

We have provided the following benefits only for reservations from the WEB site.

Please use it according to the number of guests used.

Bonus 1
Soft drink

1 cup free

(Number of people)

Bonus 2
1 soft drink

Sartar Andagi 1 piece

(When you book more than 10 people or more)

Bonus 3
1 soft drink

Sartar Andagi 1 piece

Sequencer sherbet 1 piece

(At the time of reservation more than 30 people

for the number of people)

※Only reservations on the web site are eligible for benefits.

Feast plan


A happy place to go
A gift from affection and honor, with a blessing from my heart.
Wedding reception, wedding ceremony 2nd meeting · birthday celebration (Tushybee) ·

Betrothal gifts

>See the feast plan details

Meeting plan


Banquet, Four bamboo original for gathering
Even for local residents the heart of Ryukyu hospitality.
Various conferences · General meetings ·

Regular meetings · Exhibitions · Presentations · Rewards · Platforms etc.

>View meeting plan details

Recommended plan


Reasonable and affordable.

Please use it for Nissin ‘s annual party etc!
Safety plan that you can use from family, couple, friends to various organizations
Forgotten year party, dinner, entertainment, meeting, Okinawa sightseeing,

family, couple, one person

>See details of recommendation plan

Option plan

Various options are available to accompany the flowers on the day of feasts and gatherings.

We have prepared a glamorous entertainment the windy Okinawa folk songs. Please enjoy a variety of optional plans of “four bamboo” that you care about the feelings of hospitality carefully.

  • 獅子舞

    An exorcism lion dancing essential to the Okinawa festival. It is performed on the stage as the first performance of the Honorable Festival.
  • 三線演奏

    Sanshin performance
    The beautiful traditional culture Sanshin boasts of Okinawa. “Four-bamboo” will deliver the attraction of San-musical composition and how to enjoy the wind stream.
  • 四つ竹お茶会

    YOTSUTAKE tea party
    We will deliver a special moment to touch the heart of each customer by making tea with full heart.
  • オリジナル泡盛(甕)

    Original awamori (jar)
    An awamori that can not be missed in the seat of the crowd. We will prepare “YOTSUTAKE” original · memorial awamori of name putting pot.
  • 着付け・髪結い

    Dressing / Hairdressing
    You can experience gentle Ryukyuu / hair dressing. Commemorative photographing also to the applicant.
  • 沖縄呉服展示会

    Okinawa Kimono
    Exhibition of Yuzen and traditional Okinawa kimono. After that, please enjoy traditional Ryukyu cuisine.
  • 沖縄ぶくぶく茶

    Okinawa Bubble Tea
    The world of Okinawa’s own tea that was favored at the feast. Please enjoy the method and flavor.
  • 通訳サービス

    Interpretation service
    We will provide interpreter support for foreign guests to make traveling more comfortable.
  • 花束

    As a gift to further encourage celebration seats, directing flowers and flowers -.
  • ワイン・シャンパン

    Wine · Champagne
    We will prepare various brands including the world’s most famous chateau.
  • バースデーケーキ

    Birthday cake
    Original birthday cake made by hands of pastry.
  • 南国フルーツ盛り

    A tropical fruit flour
    Assorted fresh tropical fruits such as mango and dragon fruits.
  • 鏡開き

    We propose a mirror opening as an event to celebrate the celebration.
  • お土産(オリジナル)

    Souvenirs (original)
    A special souvenir set of “four-bamboo” select packed with Okinawa’s traditional sweets.
  • 琉球衣装記念撮影

    Ryukyu Costume
    Commemorative Photography
    Commemorative photo with the same Ryukyu and Kasa as the “YOTSUTAKE” dancer. To memories of a wonderful trip.
  • 浴衣レンタル

    Yukata rental
    From the rental of yukata to dressing, a rare plan that enjoys festivals in Okinawa with yukata.

※Optional plan requires advance reservation. ※ Please do not hesitate to contact us for any items not listed above.

※Yukata rental will be a special plan for Okinawa festival time only.